Our Story

Primavera Collection was founded by Megan Tamporello in 2018, but its true origin story can be traced back to her childhood trips to Mexico as she grew up in Austin, Texas. From a young age, Megan was drawn to the culture, vibrant palette, and unique embroidery of the region.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Textiles and Apparel degree and working for 18 years in high-end luxury retail, Megan founded Primavera Collection with a desire to curate and design exceptionally well-made pieces that she would select for her own closet.

Megan's trips to Oaxaca to connect one-on-one with the artisans Primavera Collection partners with inspire her.  Through those collaborations, she's able to deliver traditional styles with a modern twist to her clients, while simultaneously creating and sustaining jobs for artisans that are keeping traditional embroidery styles alive.


Megan's young twin boys keep her busy, but the fast-paced ever changing nature of the retail environment energizes her and fuels her passion.  Her vision?  To help her clients feel confident and well-dressed, no matter where life may take them next.