Embroidery Styles

San Antonino Embroidery

Hailing from its namesake town, 40 miles outside of Oaxaca City, San Antonino, comes our most popular style of embroidery. Women learn from their mothers and grandmothers the art of hand drawing and embroidering patterns of flowers and birds that take days and even months to complete. 

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Jalapa Embroidery

Named for the capital of the hot and humid Veracruz region of Mexico, this amazingly consistent long-stitch embroidery results in soft cotton tops that are easy-to-wear and effortlessly stylish, with large patterns of vibrant color palettes, such as our Bardot Blouses and our appropriately-named Jalapa Blouses.   

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Otomi Embroidery

The process of Otomi embroidery begins as women create and trace the pattern - often inspired by nature, animals, mythical creatures, or abstract designs - with pencil onto the surface.  The design is embroidered with a satin stich. Indigenous Otomi people can be found in the central Mexican altiplano region working to keep this rich tradition of cultural preservation alive.

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From Oaxaca with Love

Each piece of the Primavera Collection is individually designed and constructed, representing and honoring the artisans of Oaxaca, crafting with a skill and knowledge born of tradition and culture.

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