Mi Rosita Magenta Short Sleeve Blouse with Multicolor Embroidery (Size 4)

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Our popular Rosita line for Primas is offered here for our little Primas!  The gauzy fabric and the vibrant color palette, which Primas love, is what makes this ideal in a little girl's line!    

This selection is for a Magenta Short Sleeve Blouse for a little girl, for approximately 4 years of age.  The embroidery is abstract geometric design in the colors of blue, orange, lime and purple.  It is 16 inches from shoulder to hem and almost 10 inches across the shoulders, with each sleeve being 4 inches long. The material is a lightweight cotton.

The dimensions also allow for this to be used as a dress for a smaller child and, then as a blouse as she gets older.

Please note that our items are each individually handcrafted; colors and patterns may vary from photo representations. Our color descriptions, sizes, measurements and photographs are to be viewed as guides.